Dog & Pony Karaoke



Karaoke for the People

Swizzles and Dog & Pony Sound have been together for the better part of forever. As a team, we've put together the best karaoke experience in the city, bar none. If you can't find a song you can sing in their library, you can't sing — and that's ok, we're here to have fun.

Dog & Pony have done a ton of wonderful things in the community, and are always supportive of community events. Come have some fun. Jesus wants you to!



Wednesday Ottawa Karaoke

9:30pm - 1:30am

$5.50 PBR Tallboys

Senior Dog shows us how to mix music and drinks, switching between his favourite consumables, and the irresistible specials!

Swizzles Ottawa Friday Karaoke

9:45pm - 1:45am

You can't beat karaoke on a Friday night, or any other night. Dog sometimes wears a Kilt—so yeah—there's that. A natural thing, like karaoke.

Swizzles Ottawa Sunday Karaoke

9:30pm - 1:30am

$5.00 16oz Beau's Lugtread.

Dog’s back, and so is the all-day beer special. If you don’t come in, Gawd will release a horde of undead brain eaters to get you and drink your beer!